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to celebrate their team that started with a parade through downtown baltimore. >> thousands of fans marched with the team to m&t bank stadium. that is where our coverage begins tonight. >> in the world of sports, a city never knows it daylight today will never come again. today the ravens of baltimore took full of advantage and put on a show. >> an epic day in downtown baltimore began after 11:00 a.m. at city hall. in a series of military trucks, the ravens -- ecstatic fans who packed the sidewalks -- the ravens greeted ecstatic fans who packed the sidewalks. >> best team in the country! >> fans saw coach john, ray ray and the big ray whose appearance caused quite a sight. a chain reaction of fans jumped the barricade and followed his vehicle down the parade route, like the king of baltimore. out of vehicles and into the state , a the staten estimated 100,00 fans -- 1000, 000 fans packed the stadium for a victory rally. >> i cannot explain it. it is breathtaking. this is awesome. >> does this compare to a regular-season game? >> i can't put it in words. >> the place went nuts when ray lewis
throughout the day on the breaking story. >> the other breaking story celebrations in baltimore. ravens fans industry as they bring the lombardi trophy back to charm city. but the john gonzalez is live in baltimore where the fister these are well underway. >> good afternoon carrying -- good afternoon from downtown baltimore where the mayor of baltimore and the coach of the baltimore ravers john harbaugh officially started the parade. head coach john harbaugh is in this maryland national guard humvee right now. this is where he will be throughout this parade. the rest of the players, they each have their humvees -- and the rest of the players and a team on this fellow right here. you can see the baltimore ravens just taking it all in. how do you feel? >> it feels great amazing. >> what is it like seeing all these folks out there? >> speechless. can't believe so many people out here. >> holiday street down here in downtown baltimore. lining the streets of baltimore. it is just pandemonium in baltimore right now. we want to show you city hall where they just unveiled a banner congratulating the
happened when the lights went out in the super bowl. you're looking at live pictures of baltimore maryland, you saw the celebrating happening in the streets of baltimore. you saw police officers, they were on horses trying to get -- corral the crowd. i don't know exactly what's going on, we'll try to get some information for you. we want to tell you about all the information, everything that's going on when it comes to the ravens and the san francisco 49ers. the ravens hung on to beat the 49ers tonight. 34-31. the ravens led 28-6 before a power outage in the superdome put the game on hold for 35 minutes in the third quarter. san francisco came back after the delay to make the game -- to make a game of it, but was never able to take the lead. >>> we're tracking a deadly bus crash in southern california near san bernardino. emergency responders are saying now that multiple people were killed when the bus rolled over in a mountainous area. this is a video late this evening from our affiliate kabc. 27 people were taken from the scene by ambulances. it happened on highway 38 near mentone califo
of -- in northern suburbs. now the baltimore county, said the pennsylvania, look milder to the south and east. still mostly rain. a couple inches of snow come down pretty quickly. watch for slippery spots tariffs >> carroll county state police have acted the spell a merger plan -- have enacted the snow emergency plan. highway officials are urging drivers to be cost of travelling over icy conditions overnight. -- to be cautious about traveling over icy conditions overnight. >> we will be working throughout the night looking at bridges and overpasses which tend to freeze. we can monitor of the weather throughout the night. >> you can track winter weather any time with our iphone and android apps. get current conditions and check the 7 day forecast at your fingertips. >> if threatening stabbing event -- and robbery outside a local mall -- a frightening stabbing and robbery outside a local mall. gerogorge will tell us what happens. >> the story begins at the arundel mills mall. thanks to quick work by witnesses and several police departments, it ends with a hollywood-like capture. for chaos in west balt
>>> this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> good morning maryland. now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> it is the top of the hour. it is a cloudy and cold start, sharon's watching the roads including 95 right there. marty is over at first warning weather. >> wet and mild later. that's the key to the forecast, first warning doppler shows a lot of rain to the south coming right our way. noon through midnight about an inch of rain is going to be moving across the 95 corridor. 28 now and that's cold ever than this time yesterday. by lunch we'll be at 44 going to maybe the mid-upper 40s, and remains there through the rain event itself. don take it away. >>> thank you. your rush right now from sharon gibala. >>> good morning everyone. no real events to get in your way if you're headed out, at least in the baltimore area. everything running smoothly on the beltway and your mayor roadways. average
. thousands of fans taking to the streets unable to contain their excitement. >> baltimore city police officers were out in full force just in case. but for the most part it was a peaceful and fun sell situation. -- celebration. >> we are talking to the police officers last night and they said they hope the cold might get some of the pay the on the and revelers to take it inside -- patrons and revelers to take it inside. they thought weather would help them. >> we saw light snow showers roll through last night as well. and things wrapped up this morning. we could see more showers work their way in going into around 3 or 4. more likely as we go through the evening as another clipper will roll in across the area. that's what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. checking out what's going on in terms of temperatures it's cold in again burnie but 21 in reisterstown and arnold at -- again burnie but 21 in riftertowns and arnold -- reisterstown and arnold. this is what to expect with the planner. waking up around 6 in the morning 25 degrees. 26 by 9:00 and the lunchtime onl
at the scene. celebration in full swing baltimore today to 48 hours the ravens won the super bowl. people thousands of streets of charm to welcome the ravens back home. it started with a rally at city hall, a parade to the streets of baltimore. join us from baltimore. >> it was a purple love fest out here today. i have not heard any official crowd estimates yet. a lot of people. they rode a top military vehicles as conquering heroes. flacco, ed reed -- >> we are glad they made it. we support them 100%. >> it is an awesome feeling. >> when ray lewis road by officers, by police the purple passion was too much. thousands across the barricades to accompany their favorite player. the team expected 30,000 fans, they got more than 80,000. the actually had to lock gates. not evenhe crowd could get in to see their heroes to dance one last time. it was a short of an emotional ceremony. -- short an emotional ceremony. from the top back on down to the field -- >> it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. unbelievable. >> of the energy here is outrageous. purple is everywhere. that will give you an idea of ho
a visit out to baltimore and the caps clash with the rival penguins and a super sunday for phil mickelson, but we begin with the big game in the big easy, super bowl xlvii. had all the hype of a super bowl, but maybe even a little more, two franchises that had never lost this game in six combined appearances. let's take you out to new orleans pregame and it is the brothers making good, shaking hands, bringing in a little hug. 1st quarter ravens 3rd and 4, joe flacco to anquan boldin, 13- yard strike, ravens on the board first. less than two minutes in the fist half ravens already have 14-3, flacco steps up, jacoby jones behind chris culliver and makes the grab and gets back up because he was untouched and finds his way into the end zone, ravens up 21-3. all right. nice halftime speech, everybody comes out fired up. maybe the ravens a little bit more. the kickoff to start the 2nd half, jacoby jones out of the end zone from 8 yards deep and he's going right up the middle to match the nfl record for the longest kickoff return, 108 yards, ravens cruising 28-6. could this be a super bowl blowo
.ht in the the ravens now the reigning champions. >> baltimore, we are coming home. baltimore ravens were celebrating this morning. by the older brother in the sibling showdown a superuperdome is now bowl champion. >> unbelievable. tough to put into words. it really hasn't sunk in yet. fight for the trophy in the big easy was not easy at all. one of the most bizarre -- moments in super history, a power outage in the superdome causing a 34 minute delay. >> just a great football game. the way the game played out, 28-6 and the lights went out. whatever happened, i just knew, on the other side, all those years we have been the game isat be a dogfight to the end. was.d it was secondrs rallied in the half. 34-31.ens held on to win >> there will certainly be a lot of purple around the area today. the utility companies are to theng powers superdome said a piece of equipment monitoring the anctrical load the sense and cut off the power. backup generators kicked in beore the full power can restored. a lot of people talking about energy or not the ravens blackout. of that back to you. poured into the streets to
, no construction. maryland at 95 between baltimore and the beltway, that is fine. 295 that bw parkway, that looks fine. virginia, same good news for you coming in from the west. 66 greenway toll road, 95, here we are live in springfield. back to you. >> thank you so much. our big story, a big parade which has now been set for the super bowl champions the baltimore ravens. the team has just enough power to overcome a partial power outage at the superdome. a near comeback by the 49ers. >> now the city of baltimore celebrates the ravens tomorrow morning. it will be a darting at city hall and and at ravens stadium. >> super bowl 47 lives up to the hype. it was high-scoring, but tough and gritty. just the type of game the baltimore ravens love led by joe flacco, the ravens captured a narrow 34-31 win over the 49ers. >> super bowl belongs to baltimore. >> for a while, it looks like the ravenswood one a ray with the game. -- ravenswood --ravesns would run away with the game. then it was lights out. >> i don't know what happened. >> and one of the most bizarre moments, partial power went out in the super
a burning home in northwest baltimore. police are calling her death suspicious. the flames broke out this afternoon in the 5700 block of -- >> police will not say what caused them to label the death suspicious nor are they releasing identification of the woman but neighbors say they did not know anyone was inside the home when this started to burn this afternoon. before 2:30 friday afternoon, firefighters arrived at this home in this home in the 3700 block of high gate drive. >> the right side of the house and the back of the house was on fire. >> the smoke was coming from the first floor of the house. firefighters went inside and a gruesome discovery. >> firefighters perform a search and rescue operations when they found and on conscious, non responsive woman in the basement. >> she was pronounced dead on the scene. neighbors say she only lived there for about five months. she kept to herself but was family enough. >> she would always wave and say hello. she was a very nice lady. >> homicide detectives got to the scene friday evening. police say the death is suspicious will not rele
at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. a trainee with the university of maryland-baltimore county campus is in the hospital this afternoon. he was accidentally shot in the head with live ammunition during a training exercise. jennifer franciotti has more on the turn of events. >> it was 5:00 p.m. monday medevac helicopter arrived at shock, carrying the injured trainee. he is part of the university of maryland-baltimore campus police department. he was shot in the head during a training exercise by a training officer. the trainee is now fighting for his life. >> he is stable, but any thoughts or predictions about long-term neurological outcome at this point are way too early. >> the shooting happened at the rosewood state hospital in owings mills. that facility is now used for various trading activities. authorities would not discuss what specific training was taking place during the shooting or why why ammunition was used during the exercise. >> i understand it, i get it, you want answers to those questions. i probably have more questions than you have, and it will take tim
to baltimore. >> we are waking up this morning very happy in charm citych the ravens -- citych the ravens are bringing -- city. the ravens are bringing home the lombardi trophy. thanks for being with us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's a tough monday because most of you are probably tired of watching the game and a little stressed. lenda so said she watched underneath a blanket and lynette it was not because she was cold. >> i was fine during the first and second and oh, yeah and then the third that was so bad. but we won so that's all that matters. so didn't matter that we had snow yesterday. that's gone but we will see more snow going later into afternoon and evening. looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we scan the skies and not a whole not see but there's lot to feel because ellicott city the temperature is at 21 right now. we have the winds out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. we have a wind chill. we are feeling like we are in the teens this morning. pylesville's temperature is at 20 with wind out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. 25 in baltimore wi
are traveling in baltimore county, 83 is nice and clear in parkton. nothing to get in your way from york road to 695. and heading over to harford county, this is what 95 locks like mountain road, everything moving along. we won't have problems once you get to white marsh. looking at a 15-minute ride southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. and checking in and looking at the other timesaver traffic crime times, 695 is -- drive times, 659 is in great year -- 695 is in great shape. this is an 11 minute right on the outer loop from 795 to 95. excuse me. that's a look at your morning commute. i am so excited about the ravens win. >> words are hard to come by. >>> it's 5:31. the season was a roller coaster ride but this morning the ravens are waking up superbowl champions. the ravens took down the 49ers 34-31 in big game classic that had all of us on the edge of our seats. charley has a recap of the ravens win what do you have. >> this one was not for the faint of heart. you thought it was going to be blowout midway through the third quarter and everything changed. but it woul
world, there is no place on this earth as better than baltimore. >> what words can you used to describe the world champions of baltimore victory parade today? crazy, insane, overwhelming, it was all of those that much more. >> city officials saying 200,000 fans turned out today between the seats at the stadium, the scene outside the stadium, all along the parade route, and let's not forget of city hall. we took the whole of that live on the air and on line. our live team coverage continues now. to the stadium. captain roy taylor is monitoring the traffic situation getting in and out of the city. >> it is all quiet now, but it wasn't that way earlier today. this place was packed with raven's fans. hours before the parade, fans are getting their spot on the street. sunday's super bowl win was a dream come true. >> we were here about three hours before the parade. we are excited. >> i've never been to a super bowl or super bowl parade. this is a once in a lifetime experience we can enjoy together. ♪ >> the closer it got to the start of the parade, more fans showed up. soon, t
tracks. the driver was trapped for about 30 minutes... and had to be taken to baltimore washington medical center, along with one of the passengers. both suffered non lie- threatening injuries. the tracks were also damaged. [a26]towson fire-transition in baltimore county, fire crews are investigating an afternoon house fire. shortly after 12-30, firefighters responded to the 15-hundred block of providence road in towson. once on the scene, crews say they encountered heavy fire on the second floor... but firefighters were able to bring the scene under control in about an hour. we're told seven family members were inside at the time. luckily, no one was injured. the washington suburban sanitary commission says a water main break is to blame for brown water coming from taps in prince george's county. the utility says customers in the laurel and beltsville areas could be affected. while officials say the water is safe to drink, and use for showering and cleaning ... they are cautioning against using any discolored water to wash clothes or to prepare food for young children. new tonight
to the patuxent institute. >> two people are dead after an overnight shooting in northeast baltimore. detectives were called to my pillar street just before midnight where they found a man lying in the street, shot in the head. they discovered, and also shot in a vehicle parked right of the street. police have no leads on a motive or a suspect, but anyone with information is urged to call city police. we are learning more tonight about a story we brought you last week. two people found dead in a burning car in west baltimore. police are identifying the victims aspects of lisa stricklen and taewon tuck. bar officials had initially listed the primary cause of death as smoke inhalation and possible burns from the fire. there is no word tonight on the suspect or motive. >> a teacher at bellaire county -- 34-year-old anthony farris is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-roll student. he was taken into custody friday afternoon. investigators say he was working as a helper at the high school. he is currently free on $50,000 bond. >> thousands of demonstrators in baltimore city or descendi
bit that way, we can show the crowd talking to rayless. they are sending out baltimore love his way. they loved themselves some ravens. this is one of the hat is crowds you ever see today. everybody looking right now at ray lewis. he is pounding his heart. that is a familiar thing that everybody has come to see. and then pointing back at the crowd. and the crowd is eating it up. they absolutely love it. terrail su -- tyrrell suggs is also by his humvee. reporters are asking questions. somebody has manhandled the lombardi trophy. ed reed has said. >> patdown to ed reed with the super bowl trophy in front of us. he is writing one of those military humvees. they pop up in areas where everybody can see them. >> i think that is the gun turret. >> that's right. >> accept that they are the guns today. i love that they have their families with them, their children with them. can you imagine what his little boy makes of this? look at all of these people, daddy. >> louisiana native, two touchdowns in the super bowl. he is back, and baltimore! [laughter] >> the confetti done just went off -- t
looking for crabtree but incomplete. the ravens' d. holds on and baltimore wins 34-31. ravens are your super bowl xlvii champs and ray lewis wins a second super bowl. we now go live to see and hear joe flacco at the podium. [ inaudible question ] >> you've seen those guys do it. they have the ability to score and score quickly. and that's kind of what they did there. you know, we got it 28-6 and they were able to go the length of the field and put a good drive together. then we kind of, you know, we didn't get anywhere and punted away and next thing you know we turn the ball over. so games can go like that. that's why you've got to take care of the football and get first downs. but we have a team that we're going to overcome it to the best of our ability. it's fitting that we won it like that today. >> joe flacco gets his first super bowl. ray lewis, his second in his final game. he rides off into the sunset with a story book ending. he joins some of the greats to get a title. we'll hear from number 52 coming up in sports. >> for ravens' fans, a roller coaster ride tonight. but in the
-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> the fans of baltimore are so amazing. i can describe it. >> pretty much any superlative will do. a sea of purple surrounds the super bowl champions. >> i want to say congratulations. i know it was sate down the season but for you guys to stay steady is a great achievement. >> even the president was congratulating the ravens on this super bowl win. >> this is the best day for baltimore. we have all our city and armored trucks. we're good to go. it is a great day to be a raven. >> ray rice towering over deborah weiner. that was after the parade. >> good morning. >> there was a big truck coming down. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. >> 5:01. >> welcome back. >> the whole crew did a great job. >> lots of fun. >> not a lot to talk about. there is a little cloud cover. we will make it up to about 43 this afternoon. early this morning, may be some sprinkles or flurries. first crusade good morning to sarah -- first we say good morning to sarah. >> good morning. so far so good on the west side. 62 on 70 heading eastbound towards the beltway. so far so good on t
delays baltimore county hereford zone howard county and harford county schools all on two-hour delays so far. but this list will likely grow as the day goes on. >> remember we are working for you. so we will let you know on air and online with twitter and facebook. so if you are connected, we will let you know. there's an app to down load so keep that in mind but in the meantime, lynette charles will let you know what you are facing. >> what we are dealing with mainly this morning is rain coming down across the area and also fog. so there could be reduced visibility. there is reduced visibility i should say across the area. so take it easy on the roadways. let's start out with maryland's most powerful radar because we have observations now of flurry action light snow around frederick and that's what we are seeing here in the blue color around ever green point. we can see stone barn station and churchill and along i-70 is going to be a very slick roadway. you can be seeing snow piling up across the area this morning. but then we take it across the eastern shore where we are dealing with j
pursuit for state police. more on the chase that led from arundel mills... to west baltimore. authorities arrest three men tied to a string of robberies. how they nabbed the suspects. 16 hopefuls vying to become anne arundel county executive. the surprise announcement. and a baltimore woman receives top honors from the president. 11 news saturday morning starts right now! hello, welcome to 11 news saturday morning. i'm lisa robinson. and i'm jennifer franciotti. it appears mother nature wants to butt-in on your weekend plans....let's check in with meteorologist john collins. in carroll county, maryland state police activated its snow emergency plan this gives the state police the authority to remove vehicles left in the roadway on state roads so that snow plows and other snow removal equipment to get through. and state highway officials are urging drivers to be cautious while traveling for icy conditions. and remember... you can track winter weather anytime -- and in real time -- with our eye-phone and android apps. use them to see the live radar, get current conditions, and
there at the time also serves as the driver for the commissioner. as we reported yesterday, baltimore county does have an agreement with the state to use the rosewoods site for training. it prohibits live weapons and requires the state to give a day's notice the site will be used. are dead after a murder-suicide in northeast baltimore that happened at 615 last evening. authorities say the female victim, candace baird was shot and killed by an ninth -- and unidentified man who shot and killed himself. >> the city law firm makes it clear it is mounting a case against johns hopkins hospital for damages in the case of a gynecologist to videotape and photographed his patience. >> city police and federal law enforcement officials continued to investigate this case. we are learning more exactly how dr. levy took these pictures apparently by using various spy devices to take those pictures and now with hundreds of victims contacting the baltimore city police department, we've also heard that a law firm is mounting a very large lawsuit. >> i will tell you now that the damages suffered by these people i've
if the planned cuts go through. >> leaving baltimore for the very last time. >> it is sad that it is switching locations altogether. we will have that and reaction from the public. >> on the red carpet monday night, who will hear him talk about his free agency. will he resign? >> dr. baltimore said the envoy as to the u.s.s. comfort. dodge the navy hospital ship sailed for 25 years, but now it is moving the home port in norfolk which is a big loss for baltimore. we have reaction from the marine terminal. >> comfort, a supertanker turned hospital ship was delivered to the military sealift command in december of 1987 and has called baltimore home ever since. they provided a floating medical facility for use during warfare or international disaster. in january of 2010, comfort was deployed to haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck. 850 surgeries' were performed and the ship also serves providing medical care throughout the caribbean. why does it need to leave baltimore? officials say there are a number of reasons. >> closer to the ocean, closer to the nation's and region for the humanitari
it over. we are hearing some big names from baltimore are in town. >> big names are in town. a big name is in the hall of fame. the ravens have their first victory of the weekend. jonathan ogden moments ago was elected into the nfl hall of fame. he becomes the first raven in the hall of fame. art modell did not make it into the top 10 finalists. j.o. will be inducted and become one of the all-time greats. he is now a member of the pro football hall of fame. >> i was walking along the river walk today. it was so crowded you could barely move. i saw some 49ers fans for the first time. there was a little bit of smack talk all in good fun. excitement goes beyond downtown. there was a warm welcome in a small town called gretna. >> it was settled by germans and named after a scottish city. it is a jumble of ethnic backgrounds. that is what you will see every sunday at the market. pephis day, the ravens rally with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, the governor, and ravens vans in purple. >> we owe a debt of gratitude to the city of baltimore and the state of maryland. all i can say from the bott
interceptions. >> baltimore. >> no crying at the super bowl. >> actually, lots of crying. tears of joy. good one, everybody. i'm stan stovall. >> i'm sarah caldwell. thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will have all your super bowl coverage in a minute but first, time for weather and traffic. tony, as good a day as any to celebrate a victory. >> it will be dried today but this evening we could get a little snow. but during the day, just fine. everybody bleary eyed this morning, did not have to worry about whether delays. it is chilly. 25 of the airport. partly cloudy. will probably drop a few degrees. we will make up to 34 this afternoon. clouds will be increasing and after sunset, early tonight, a chance for light snow. i will talk more about that when i come back. first, what is happening out in the rhodes. >> good morning. not much happening. really did not have problem spots. things looking good on the major roadways. 65 in the area of white marsh heading south to the beltway. the west side of the beltway, 12 minutes all the way down the west side. 12 minutes on the outer loop
or flurries reach back into baltimore county or harper county which most of it is in the bay eastward at this stage of the game. there is going to be a coastal storm developing that will be a snow maker for some folks. tell you who coming up in just a minute. >> thanks. remember you can track winter weather any time in real time with iphone and android apps. you can get loouf radar current conditions and check the insta weather 7-day forecast. it's right there at your fingnig tips. a lengthy police pursuit and dramatic moments for west baltimore neighborhood. george letters on more on what happened. >> chaos in west baltimore. 11 news was on the ground and in the air seconds after a police pursuit ended friday afternoon. >> yeah, it was really crazy. it was really wild. >> the pursuit began all of the way at the mall. police say the man they raised stabbed a 36-year-old woman in the hand in the parking lot outside of the neiman marcus outlet store. he stole her purse and took off in an acura suv. they stopped nearby on 295 northbound. he kept going for another 14 miles snaking through
into the area right now. parts of carroll and baltimore counties have a couple inches piling up. you are looking live at tv hill where snowflakes are falling fast and just like the last round this snowfall could make things very slick in the morning. let's go right to bob turk tracking live radar. >> you mentioned parts of northern carroll county, a couple spots had as much as 3.5 inches, manchester, westminster an inch and a half. radar, still snowing north of that line but just stopped west of westminster. you got a batch of snow and rain, south of that line moving through the region. i think most areas in the next couple hours, will partly transition to some wet snow. 37 at the airport, last report with light rain. 36 above freezing hagerstown i don't see a whole lot on the ground there. below freezing, 28 degrees i expect some areas overnight to get down to 31 or 32. any of that slush out there on some of those sidewalkroadways will be able to freeze. watch out for that in the morning. what is in store for the rest of the weekend? the full for
in the free land, northern baltimore county. so there will be wet snow coming down accumulating on grassy areas. also looking at accumulating on some of the paved surfaces that are not dark. let's show e the air temps right now. those airtemps at or above freezing across much of central marylandment we're at 36 in baltimore. you can see temperatures dropping close to freezing in york, hagerstown. we'll have to watch closely. with a day in the 50s, a lot of paved roads won't see much act yum lace. more on your saturday morning coming up. >> to pretreat or not to pretreat, a-that's the dilemma the state has to face when a winter weather is brewing. withwhether we're seeing like this weekend, the crews have to time it right before they put salt on the roads. if there's a lot of rain first, they have to wait because it could be washed away president but if they too long it could cause problems. >> sometimes just ten miles away there's no precipitation a- at all so it is a hard thing to deal with but we're able to and we react and no one needs to worry that we won't be out there. >> ber net
err pouldn't come back from it. 3 22::7:59 - febb3 felllpoiit raww- (fans screaming) screeming)baltimore celebrates... its ravens. but... where the celebrrtionss got too rowdy. 3 power goes oot natsannouncer pauses pausesand... he lights go out pi ew orleaas.the two causss that ave already been ruled out.. for the power outage seen around the world. 3 3 monday, february 3 4thh 3- 3 , 3 3 ,3- 3 3 3 for tte sscond time in -3 franchise istory... the baltimore ravens are world champions. -3&pccampions."ed inn... o the 40... he ravens have won it... 34-311" & 34-31." 3 after a domiiant 3 first half... a 35 minuteegame delay due to a power outage... anddan attempted ccmeback by the sannfrancisso 49ers... thh pavens heed on o win their second super bowl title n 12 years. 3 mucc of the credit foo the win goes to game m-v-p joe lacco. flaccc.the quarterback ttreww threeetouchdown passes in the first half of the game... sending the rrvens into the 321-6.jacoby jones opened the second half with a 108-yard kick-off return for a touchdown....tying a su
at the east baltimore cllnic where he worked for more than 20 &pcaaera was actualll hidden &pinside a pen.earlier thii his towson home.they believe he committed suiiide... after leerning he was under investigattoo. news... that sttnnee bdul-azzz. (abdul-aziz) "johns hopkins was his life. being a gynecologist, being at the clinic, east baltimore medical ceeter, the ootpatient center, being in labor and deliveryy that was his life. and he did a great job at what he did.. and he was always there. so, that beinn cuu outtof his life, maybb he went into ddpression ann aybe he couldn't take it anymore." anymore..baltimore county police are investigating the doctor's eath. meanttmm, ccty pplice say they're expecting mmre to come forward.fox45 morning news. wee'e learnnng now... that s many assá30 peopleá ay haae witnessed receet murder... at the university of aryland, eastern shore. shore.surveillance video hows cars and peoole passing by... just moments aftee 21--ear-oldd to death saturday night.his brother says they were driving phroogh campus... when they road wh
to many of the questions surrounding the training site in baltimore county. sources tell wjz, at the time, more than 1 dozen officers were undergoing training there by two baltimore city police instructors. those sources revealed, after lunch, one instructor decided to resume training before the other returned. wjz has learned, that violates police policy. instructors are supposed to check for s rv before training. as we first reported, sources say it was after the lunch break when someone present confused his service weapon with the training weapon. they reportedly look similar, except training weapons do not have live ammunition. the bullet hit the officer who works for the university of maryland baltimore in the head. police identified the instructor who fired the weapon as william scott kern, who has worked for baltimore city police for 18 years. state police will complete a criminal investigation and forward that to the state's attorney. >> we will sit back and wait for the investigation to be completed. and then once that is done, we
intimate secrets and intimate details of their lives. reporting live in baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> dr. levy worked at the east baltimore medical center since 1998. >>> updating the breaking news from last hour, a large water main break snarls rush hour traffic in pikesville. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene in old court road at park heights avenue. you can see, two crews are digging up sections was road to get to the broken water main. several lanes are blocked. and traffic is being rerouted. no word how long the repairs will take. >>> some new developments into the accidental shooting of a police trainee during an exercise. there are questions about whether police should have been at that facility. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with the new information. jessica? >> reporter: well, mary, according to our media partners, the baltimore sun, police did not have permission to conduct the exercises at the training if the. a trainee was shot in the head last week. it happened at the shuttered rosewood complex in o
. and for that, he was rewarded as well as all of baltimore with a super bowl championship. it meant what he thought it would. >> whenever -- wherever we went through as a team, we figured it out and that is the duty of true champions. no matter what we went through, we found a way to keep fighting. that is where -- why we are the world champions. how do you say thank you? thank you to your teammates or thank you to the city that never stopped believing in me and living in this team? we get to take the trophy back to baltimore as world champions. >> atrophy that has arrived in baltimore. some of the pictures of ray lewis with the vince lombardi trophy. the pictures are spectacular. downtown as the team returns from new orleans, we go down to barry simms. >> we have the scaffolding set and the platforms all set. it seems the city is prepared and ready to have a parade. to welcome the ravens home. >> i will be in the parade tomorrow. >> decked out from head to toe, this ban is well-prepared to welcome home the super bowl champions. >> we love you. purple pride. be here tomorrow. there is great
with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> chilling confession. a baltimore county high schooler describes attacking his classmates on the first day of school. >> i had the gun, loaded, fired as much as i could. >> new insight into why he did it. >>> hello, everybody. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the teenager who opened fire inside perry hall high school learns his fate in court as police release his video taped confession. we are live and we have more on today's revelations. >> reporter: in those new intertapes, he admits to plotting the attacks for months. a judge has sentenced him to 35 years behind bars. surveillance images show robert gladden, jr. pull a shotgun from inside his pants inside the cafeteria. as he opens fire, teachers rush in his direction pinning the teen against a vending machine. >> the pants had really deep pockets. i put the stock in my pocket and under my shirt.
to you. >>> we have heard it baltimore city schools are in bad shape. parents, teachers and advocates wanted to get the message out and they were heard. thousands of people rallied in annapolis and sherrie johnson is here with more on their message. what do they say. >> reporter: that's right. thousands of people turned out it was like it was a super bowl rally. they turned out in annapolis in support of rebidding baltimore's city schools. the rally was in support of a block grant bill a 2.4 million dollar plan to renovate and rebuild about half of the school buildings including a construction authority that would oversee plan and financing and construction of school projects. supporters say the bill is need because the currencies tem for financing renovation will not catch up to the needs of the schools. teachers students and parents all gathered at that rally described bad conditions at city schools including broken windows and hot classrooms and inadequate computer labs. they called upon law makers to provide the resources to rebuild the state's oldest school buildings. . >> the le
to express appreciation to the city of baltimore, an area that has had tough times economically also in terms of football franchises. the colts were jerked out of baltimore in the middle of the night and moved to indianapolis. later they were able to recapture their own football franchise at the expense of the cleveland browns but it was done the right way. the team that was the cleveland browns moved to baltimore and became the ravens. we can credit baltimore for the renaissance of inner-city stadiums with the building first of camden yards, the first of the new, old-style baseball stadiums located not in suburban parks but in the middle of cities and we are the beneficiaries of the vision because subsequent to that a lot of other parks were built in the middle of cities and most noticeably for us at&t park, wonderful asset for us. they also built a new football stadium a few hundred yards or maybe 1000 yards or so away from camden yard at the end of train yards a great benefit for the city of baltimore. i commend them for their vision in this issue and i'm happy for them even though i am
players, including ray lewis and coach john harbaugh as they get a big baltimore welcome home. their destin disaition is m&t bank stadium, the office of promotion. a bold win can bring a big above the to baltimore. we talked to tracy baskerville and so many saw baltimore and the spotlight. she's hoping that they will not only visit tomorrow but for months to come. if you end up at the stadium, the parking lot will open at 9:00 in the morning. the stadium will open at 10. all the events are free as we welcome home the baltimore ravens and say congratulations on a baltimore win. >> several streets will be closed for the super bowl victory parade. for more information about all of the parade closures, just head to for all the latest information. >>> ravens fans arriving in baltimore from the big easy say they're happy to be leaving one celebration for another. those lucky enough to get a flight were second guessing the super bowl parties that ran well into the night. still, many are raving about their experience at the superdome. >> my ears were like -- >> i'
for the remains. the the the stabbing of a teenager in downtown baltimore. -- the fatal stabbing of a teenager in the downtown baltimore. police believe he got into a dispute after attending the ravens celebration was staffed. the suspect wore a long proposed research and a white hat. >> no charges will be filed against a city police officer who shot a mentally ill man last year. the decision -- use of force was justified when he shot the suspect in southwest baltimore. he was responding to a call for a man with a mental illness armed with a weapon when the man came charging toward his car with a knife. that is when murray fired five shots through his windshield. the suspect did survive. >> more about the death of an owings mills mother. an acquaintance of the victim, jeffrey michael shiflett, has been charged with murdering katie hadel. >> it is clear that katie hadel was afraid of jeffrey michael shiflett. she told police he made threatening phone calls. police picked up jeffrey michael shiflett wednesday morning when they spotted him walking along a road in right chester town. he went to ka
and the on our webbite fox baltimore dot coo.just click on the 3 theree. yoo'll also find all ourrvidee from the postgame celebration... ncluding &pplayer intervvews....and ore -3& instaggam photoss 3- mayor stephanne rrwlings-bllkee pays its going to ake major reforms to dig baltimore oot 3 but what will it ake to put the city oo sound 3 pbell ii heee withhsome solutions, jeef.... 3 -3 3 right now, the city is facing 3 deficit..... and according to city consultants, that will billion dollars in the next &pdecade if thh city oeen't change its course..- he mmyor delivered the news yesterray when she releassd a grim forecast of the city's financial future. pith the highest taxes in the pttte....always seem toobe broke? the mayor blamee &pheallhhcare and pension costs 3 tonight, sme critics are blamiig city leaderssfor &pcrrating a pension rogram which....they cannot fund. -33 3 2:19:48would put so much eephasisson retirement - benefits, when you doostatic workkorce." & tonight attten, 33&p tonight at ten, we'll pake a hard
in downtown baltimore. >> the fans were here early and came from all over the state to see their heroes. >> it was a great day. came down to the wire. san francisco played a very well. >> i'm so excited. it's great to see the whole city to meld. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> more fans showed up and send the sidewalks were packed. >> we just won the super bowl, baby. the super bowl. best team in the country, world, that's it. >> the best super bowl parade ever. >> i'm so excited that all their dreams have come true. really happy this year. >> it was almost an hour late, but finally, fans got to see what they came for, their world champion baltimore ravens. [cheery] -- [cheering the] >> there is mr. ray lewis right there. >> there is, the lombardi trophy. you can see it. there it is. >> this is a day no one will ever forget. >> at the end of the parade, people spilled out onto the street, following the players to m&t bank stadium. >> from the parade it inside -- from the parade to inside the stadium, raven's got a welcome to their city of origin. >> they were told to expe
>>> good afternoon. we begin with breaking news in baltimore county. a short time ago a plea in the shooting at perry hall high school on the first day of school. robert gladden pleads guilty to attempted murder and using a firearm in a crime of violence. mary bubala is in the newsroom. >> reporter: good afternoon. gladden is pleading guilty to shooting a mentally disabled classmate on the first day of school. he shot daniel borowy in side a crowded lunchroom last september. gladden pled guilty as part of a deal that will have him serve no more than 40 years in prison. he pled guilty to using a firearm. he is scheduled to be sentenced monday. gladden's attorney claimed the teen brought the loaded shotgun to school to inhim at the -- intimidate bullies and not shot anyone. >> we will have a live update later today during the newscast. >>> another story wjz is following, baltimore city police wrapped up a briefing on last week's training incident that has a recruit fighting for his life at shock trauma. the commissioner saying there was a
in the palm of your hand. download our interactive app. >>> new tonight a baltimore man is recovering after being stabbed in phelps point. baltimore police said the man was stabbed multiple times in the chest. it happened in the 200 block of south baltimore at 2 a.m. the man is recovering at johns hopkins. he is listed in critical but stable condition. >>> we'll stay at the point. an hour later police made a water rescue in phelps point. it happened just before 3 in the morning. the person was taken to mercy. their condition has not been released. >>> now to an update on a developing story we first brought to you last night at 11:00. >> a shooting is underevaluation. a 27-year-old man was shot while walking in the 3300 block of st. lukes lane. he was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. he is expected to survive. >>> pope benedict xvi shocked everyone with the sudden announcement of his retirement and today is the last ash wednesday mass he will celebrate. it's the last major celebration before he steps down at the end of the month. for the people it was a special moment. >> i
. >> the baltimore county teenager who admitted to opening fire at perry hall high school is being sentenced. robert gladden jr. pleaded guilty to first-degree attempt at murder. he admitted to firing a shotgun inside the cafeteria, hitting special needs student daniel borowy and the back. he told the judge that taking a gun to school was "the dumbest and stupidest decision i made in my life." he was charged as an adult and faces 40 years in prison. lawmakers return to capitol hill today with just four days left to forge a compromise to avoid drastic budget cuts. tracie potts is in washington monitor what may happen. >> friday is the day if congress cannot find a better way to cut $85 billion from the budget that automatic cuts kick in. >> safety will not be compromised, but we will have to work with the airlines and is selling planes down. >> yesterday is harming our states and the national economy. >> president obama as reminding governors that is not the first fiscal crisis. >> all of you have helped to steer your states through the nation's toughest times, have had to make hard choices. >> white
the baltimore ravens. >> we've got this in bank. like john said, you can never take it away from us. and i'm just proud for baltimore, for everybody. that gets to bask in this. >> reporter: from basking to business. priority number 1 is a contract for quarterback joe flacco, whose agent says should be the highest-paid qb in the league. strategies to keep flacco include the franchise tag. but will that even be necessary? >> those are some of the things that we'll talk about. but i just -- i'm coming away today, thinking that we can get a deal done. i got a very good owner who understands the business. he understands the importance of certain positions. so i'm optimistic. >> we both know that we want each other. it's up to ozz and joe linta to work that out. then joe and i will go golfing or something like that. >> joe linta is joe flacco's agent. those negotiations soon to intensify. other tidbits, steve bisciotti said he has begun looking into designs and has been told by the players they want white gold for the super bowl rings. we can also expect to
and upstate new york coming down south which is why we even have a threat for a little snow around baltimore. this shows that the storm is intensifying along the east coast and moving up east and stronger winds even in maryland. we have low pressure off the coast and high pressure building in from the southwest. in between that, we will have sea winds whipping around again. winds are already 10-50 miles per hour and these are the sustained winds. we are expecting these wins to increase today possibly gusting to 40 miles per hour. but temperatures are 28 at the airport and ocean city only 32 and downtown baltimore, 33 degrees. western maryland has temperatures in the teens. we have a couple of graphics to talk about how we have seen storm systems in the month of february. isolated snow showers are possible in the western mountains and as we get into baltimore, mainly an afternoon event not everyone will see them and if we do see any, they will bring it like accumulation. for today, 35 degrees around baltimore and 34 for ocean city and temperatures in the upper 20's in the mountains. they coul
alto celebra baltimore el segundo campeonato de la nfl que obtienen los ravens en su historia. fue un juego donde reino la expectativa y hasta un apagon sorprendio a los jugadores y fanaticos que se encontraban en el estadio. en washington enfermeras protestaron y piden mejoras en las condiciones de su trabajo. increible pero cierto... estudio revela que saludos y bienvenidos!!. el equipo de futbol americano del vecino puerto de baltimore hace nuevamente historia al ganar por segunda ocasion del maximo galardon de la liga... pasamos enen vivo hasta baltimore con claudia uceda para que nos cuente como festejan los fanaticos de los ravens y como se planifica la bienvenida de los nuevos campeones a la ciudad..claudia..adelante. asi es estamos en por supuesto que probamos las amburguesas con pan morado y dejenme decirles que estuvo muy rico... y como les comentaba manana aqui continuara la celebracion... habra un desfile con en otras informaciones, los hospitales del distrito de columbia no tienen suficiente personal de enfermeria para proveer asistencia a pacientes, esto segun una rec
. this doctor was imbalanced. >> reporter: federal authorities are also helping baltimore city police, simply because of the large number of images that they recovered from dr. levy's computer. and at this point, police do not know whether any of those images have been distributed. reporting live in least baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. dr. levy worked at the east baltimore medical center since 1988. >>> a city police trainee is in critical condition, after he shot during a training accident in baltimore county. and now, we are learning that the department did not have permission to be there at all. denise is in the newsroom with details on a new twist in the investigation. denise? >> reporter: the city police department did not have permission to conduct training exercises at the rosewood hospital. the health department tells our media partner, the baltimore sun, city police did not meet the condition to use the shutdown facility for training. the training supervisor who fired that round is now on leave. six officers re
that and throw them both away. ♪ that's what we dishing bout >>> and baltimore, baltimore, we coming home, baby! >> celebration in the streets of baltimore. the excitement lasted well into the wee hours of this morning. the ravens beating the 49ers 34- 31. >> look at all that partying going on. >> probably going on for a couple of days. live look at the washington mondayant on february 4th. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> gets a get right to the weather because it is cold outside. anybody still left outside after the ravens win is partying. >> a bad combination is going to bed at 12:30 and waking up at 3:00 a.m. >> are you hurting, tucker? >> i am. let's go to radar. we have clear skies out there, cold conditions. we are in the 20s. our daytime highs will only get in the mid-30s. after a little morning sunshine, we'll cloud up and late today, see that little swath of -- little band of white you see out there, guess where that is headed in another direction. the possibility of some late snow. i think late this afternoon north and we
. it was 21-6 at the half. baltimore, opened with a bang, gentleman could but jones and brings it 108 yards. ravens were threatening to blow it open. the power surge delayed the game for 34 minutes. then the niners finally find the end zone. to crabtree to bounces off of a pair of defenders. and frank gore gets in for the td. he had 110 yards rushing. it was 28-20. then kaepernick made history with the longest rushing touchdown, 15 yards then the 2 point conversion. and then kaepernick to cab tree but no flag. ravens hang on to win, 34-31. flacco was named the game's most valuable player. you see some of the stats, 2787 yards pass ought game. all three touchdown passes came in the first half. kaepernick threw for one touchdown but let's hear from the 49ers. >> the offense and defense, special teams, especially in the first half. they just made the plays and we didn't. >> none of us felt not confident like we were going to make that come down to the end. i knew our football team -- it was unfortunate we came up a little short. >> i know the team is hurting right now but the future looks very
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